Sunday, March 28, 2010

First JoeBQ of 2010----Lessons Learned

  • No matter how prepared I am by charging camera batteries and having said camera within easy reach, I still forget to take pictures...hence the grill photo from the day after.
  • Running out at 9:00 am in search of extra plates can lead to really good deals at the thrift store.
  • A group comprised of family, friends from work and friends from other aspects of life can make for a great time. I am still amazed at how well everyone can get along.
  • Forgetting about BBQ Tempeh and burning it does make it taste better.
  • I can have a JoeBQ without having a drink and it can be fun.
  • I never remember how much work these are until I am in the midst of prepping four pounds of Brussels Sprouts.
  • CT can come up with numerous excuses for not making it out to the Joe BQ, but I really know it was all the vegan food that really freaked her out. I'm just kidding time.
  • I LOVE having friends over to my house for great food and great conversation. Everyone who came enriches my life in one way or another and I hope they had a great time.
  • I need to do these more often. They feed my soul with joy.

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