Saturday, January 1, 2011


Here's hoping 2011 brings us all what we want and need. The new job is still fresh and I am loving every minute (even if some of them are frustrating). I know it is only going to get better and I will be able to really help some of the animals in our community who need it the most. We have to work really hard this year if we truly want KC to become a No-Kill community by 2012.

I still hear Thailand calling to me. Leila and I need to figure out how to make this trip a reality. If not Thailand, then we need to start getting out of the country and exploring the world once a year, at least. There is so much to learn by doing. You can read all the books about travel and watch all the shows, but until you can smell and taste the country, you really don't know what it is like.

Speaking of Leila, I am a very lucky man. She makes me smile and laugh and feel loved. She is smart and funny and talented and imaginative and beautiful. 2011 is only going to bring great things for us.

I don't really make resolutions anymore, but I have thoughts and plans and hopes and dreams, some I share, but most I keep to myself. There are things I want and things I need and we will see what this year brings. Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful year and 2011 brings your dreams even closer!  

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