Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time to Rock the Boat

An environment where few strive to be amazing, but are swallowed by everyone else who is happy with the status quo. No one asks the important questions. No trust. No honesty. Goals are set, but then undercut. Statistics are massaged. People are fake, false and afraid of change.  Dealing with the customers becomes an exercise of anger or frustration or an exhausting experience answering the same questions. People are afraid to make decisions; are afraid to step up to the ledge; are afraid to be wrong. No one is happy; no one takes pleasure in the work; no one takes chances. Motivation wains. Stagnant. Fear. Disappointment.

Is this any way to work? Is this any way to go through life? Is this any way to make a difference? There is a better way to do things, to go through life, to make a difference. Someone has to ask the important questions, rock the boat, get people out of their comfort zones. We all have the ability. We just need to find the confidence and stop caring what the status quo thinks. Keeping your head down is no way to go through life and it is certainly no way to make the world a better place. You might not be the most liked-hell, it could get you fired-but at least you tried. Make waves, the bigger the better.

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