Friday, July 20, 2012

Stop Doing Nothing

Sometimes, we get caught up in not knowing what we want and we don't do anything. We spend too much time thinking and too little time doing. If you aren't sure what you want or if you aren't sure what your goals should be, start doing anything. The act of doing will help get you on the path to finding what you are searching for, even if you really aren't sure what that is.

Not knowing what you want to do can be stressful. You look around and see all these people who you assume have it figured out. They appear to be happy and doing what they love to do. Some may really know and have found it. Others are like you, not really sure, and are just doing what they always do. Still others aren't sure, but are trying new things, experimenting, taking chances and constantly pushing forward. This is what you need to be doing.

Just as in my last post, you are going to get it wrong sometimes. You are going to try things you hate. That's may not bring you closer to finding what you want, but you can cross one thing off your list of possibilities. Take classes. Talk to people about what they are doing and what they love to do. Do something new and different. Surround yourself with people who are constantly experimenting and you will find it becomes easier to do the same. If you surround yourself with people who aren't happy, who aren't sure what they want and who aren't doing anything about it, you will also find yourself doing the same.

Be bold. Say yes to more offers. Switch things up and just start searching for things you haven't tried. Don't get discouraged. Keep doing and things will start to fall in to place. You don't need to have your whole life planned out, you just need to stop sitting around doing nothing. Your life will never change unless you change what you are doing. Expand your horizons and just go. You never know what will happen until you try.

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