Friday, June 22, 2012

Be Yourself

If you take nothing else from my blog, take this: Live your life in the way that matters to you. We spin around and around and claim we want to do great things, but rarely get off our ass to do them. We listen to the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from taking chances, from trying new things, from doing great work. We listen to the criticisms of others and start to believe them. We do what we are expected to do, not what sets our souls on fire. We berate ourselves for stupid reasons and start to believe these complaints are valid.

Live your life. Be who you are. Don't do something because you think it is expected. Don't beat yourself up because you are messy or unable to learn something quickly or make a mistake or do something wrong. Know this happens to everyone, learn what you can and move on. Don't think of yourself as ugly or fat or dumb or anything else negative. If you want to improve something, then improve it, but always, always love yourself. You have more to offer the world than you can ever imagine.

Control your anger and frustration. Do yoga, breathing exercises, exercise, meditate, whatever it takes, but don't let anger and frustration run your life. Force yourself to smile when you wake up each morning. Life is going to give you what you look for...if you are negative, you will focus on the negative. If you are positive, you will see beautiful things around you. The more you focus on doing what you are meant to do, the more positive your days will become.

Be true to yourself. Take chances and fail often. Don't be so hard on yourself and do things you love every day. Believe in yourself and share your gifts with the world. The world will be a better place with them.

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