Friday, August 10, 2012

Be Curious, Not Judgmental

Take a minute and think about something really stupid you have done. For all of us, this should be really easy. I know I have done tons of stupid things in my life and I could come up with way more than I would like. How would you like to be continually judged for this stupid thing? How would you like others to spread around what you did to other people, some you know and some you don't, who would also judge you by this stupid thing? 

My guess is you would hate it. You would think it was unfair and wish people wouldn't judge you by one stupid thing you did. We all would. Knowing this, why do we continue to judge other people based on a stupid thing we know they did? If it is something we wouldn't want to happen to us, why do we continue to do it to others? Quit being so damn judgmental.

We all make mistakes. We all do things that are incredibly stupid. Every one of us has something in our past we would be happy to forget. We learn from what we have done and become better because of these lessons. Would we prefer to not do some of these stupid things? Of course we would, but we can't change the past and just have to move forward while learning what we can.

For some reason, we have a hard time letting other people do this. When they do something we consider stupid, we have a hard time letting it go. It may because we want to believe we are better or smarter than these people and we think judging them will make us feel better about ourselves. The truth is, when we constantly judge other people, we don't feel better about ourselves and we look like big assholes. We like to think we would have done something different and better in the same circumstances, but we really don't know because we haven't been there. Your judgment assumes you know everything and you don't.

We are going to do something stupid. Hell, we'll probably do lots of stupid things in the time we have left. Knowing this, we have to remember to not judge other people for the things they do. When you see someone else being judgmental, call them on it. Think about how much better you would feel if you weren't being judged by the people around you. If you would feel better, wouldn't other people feel better if you weren't judging them? It's simple really, just quit being so damn judgmental.

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