Monday, September 3, 2012

Collection of Random Short Thoughts

I know there are a lot of people out there who hate lists. If you are one, you can stop reading now as this post is going to turn in to a list. I have been doing a lot of thinking this last week, which I know is normal when anyone is dealing with loss. I wanted to be able to string together everything I have been thinking about into one blog post, but my mind keeps bouncing all over the place and anything I write does too. Instead, here is a list of some of the things I have been thinking about. Some of these may be blog topics in the future, but many express what they need to express in a sentence or two.

  • Spend more time with those you love. These are the times that really matter in life.
  • Spend more time doing things you love to do and less time doing the things you hate.
  • Take time every day (or at least once a week) to just think. 
  • If you hate your job, quit.
  • If you like your job, then work your ass off to do the best work possible.
  • The culture of a company is built by the people. If the culture isn't right, then the people aren't right.
  • Embrace change, especially when it brings more work for you.
  • Try new, little things each day. This will make it easier to embrace big changes.
  • Don't automatically reject new ideas.
  • Be honest and straightforward with people, even if it seems painful. Difficult conversation are usually important conversations.
  • Stop worrying about everything.
  • Don't hold back. If you have an idea (no matter how crazy), speak up. 
  • Be more active. It's amazing how much better you can feel if you just get a little exercise each day.
  • Stop talking about doing things as much and actually start doing them.
  • Figure out what you need to change to become a person you can love and then make the changes.
  • Believe in yourself and be confident, but not an egotistical asshole. It's a fine line and one you need to find.
  • Feel free to be different, if that is who you are. 
  • Have fun. If you aren't having fun, then figure out what needs to change so you can.
  • Laugh as much as possible. Don't take things so seriously.
  • Things will work out in the end. It may not be the way you want them to work out, but you can only do so much.
  • Encourage the people around you by believing in them.
  • Friendship and loyalty are expressed in deeds, not words.
  • Don't be afraid to let go and move on. Don't dwell on the bullshit of the past.
  • Nothing is impossible.
  • Chase your dreams, no matter how crazy they are. You are in control of your life.
  • Follow your already knows where you should go.

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