Sunday, October 30, 2011

If It Isn't Broken...Break It!

Many of us have found a nice, comfortable rut and continue to do things the way we always have, as long as it works. We might be doing good work or almost great work, but we aren't innovating or challenging ourselves to be better. Most people will think this is okay...they live with the belief "if it isn't broken, don't worry about it."

Unless you are doing perfect work (and none of us are), I say break everything and figure out better ways to do them. When you are stuck in the rut of something is working, you begin to lose sight of the competitors who are innovating, who are trying new things and who will soon be doing much better work than you. Greatness comes from pushing the boundaries, from trying something new and from taking chances. Don't get stuck in any ruts...forge your own path and strive to always do things better. 

I first paid attention to the quote which became the title of this post during Mark Shayler's Do Lecture, "Why we need to design better things, not design better". Grab a cup of coffee and watch it:

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