Saturday, October 29, 2011


So many of us are constantly caught up in planning for the future, we forget to live in the now. We worry about things which may or may not happen (and usually don't happen). We wonder what tomorrow or next year or five years from now is going to bring. We worry we won't find a mate or be able to afford a house or find a job. We worry about anything and everything we can imagine happening to us or not happening to us at a later date.

While we are worrying, we forget to enjoy the moments we have now. There is no promise of tomorrow, any number of things could happen to cause tomorrow to never come. Yes, it is improbable, but not impossible. This doesn't mean we shouldn't plan for the future, for retirement, for children's educations. We can do these things without worrying about tomorrow. We can do these things and still live in the moment, embracing the now. Plan for the future, just don't worry so damn much about it.

Right now is what really matters. The people, places and events in life today. What you do today is what makes the future worthwhile. Breathe it in. Feel. Love. Play. Today matters more than any other day, both in the past and the future, because you have control of today. You control what is going to happen (not completely, but at least partially). You get to choose who you spend time with, what you are going to do and where you are going. Live in the moment and embrace it. Truly enjoy your life and stop worrying about how the future will look. Instead, shape your future by living and loving the moments today.

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