Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am not a list person, but I have started making some to help me focus. Today's list is comprised of the top 10 things I feel I need to focus on to become a better person and leader. This list will change over time (in fact it may change before the day is done) and I will update it as I need. My list may not be helpful for everyone, but I challenge you to make your own list to see if you can gain insight or find benefit for your life.

1) Wake up every morning and choose to be happy
2) Focus on what is going right, while fixing what is not
3) Mistakes happen; learn from them and move on
4) Don't dwell
5) Most of the time, people aren't out to get you. Don't act like they are
6) Push forward and always look for better ways
7) Acknowledge those who are helping; say thank you a lot (and mean it)
8) Confrontation is not always negative
9) Fear complacency, not failure
10) Embrace every challenge

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