Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Share a Smile

We all have the ability to change the world around us, if we choose to do it. We can struggle to come up with ideas and work to bring these ideas to fruition in hopes they will make a great impact. While we do this, we can also do little things each day to make the world a happier place.

Smile at one more stranger each day. Say please and thank you a little more. Hold the door for someone as they are entering or exiting a building. Make eye contact. Go out of your way to express your gratitude to a co-worker.

These may sound trivial, but it is the little things that add up to greatness. The person you made eye contact with and smiled at may just spread that smile to five more people who then spread it to five more who spread it on and on. Your coworker may have a better day because of your gratitude and may spread the thanks to the people who have helped them. 

Working in a positive environment is going to make you more creative, will give you the energy to accomplish more work and the quality of your work is going to be better.  When we are happy, the people around us tend to be happy. It's easier for us to be happy when the people around us are happy. We have to focus on doing the little things each day to help improve everyone's mood. After a little time doing this, you will notice it starts to come naturally. 

Start today. Share a smile and see if the world around you smiles back. 

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