Friday, March 16, 2012

Everyone Dies

Why do people who are told they have a terminal illness suddenly realize they haven't done the things they really want to do and change the way they live their life to do them? What are we planning for that doesn't allow us to live this life now?

Surprise, we are all going to die. You have now been warned. At some unknown point in the future, your life will end. Go out and live the life you really want. Don's save up all your happiness and fun for later. Have them now. Do something crazy. Do something you want to do. Quit putting it off for tomorrow because tomorrow may never come.

Today, have more fun, laugh a little more, do something interesting you have been putting off, tell the people who matter that they matter, take less personally, give someone a break, smile more, spend less time worrying about stupid shit and just live. We have a limited number of todays left...make sure you aren't wasting them.

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