Thursday, February 9, 2012


Before you can know what you want to do, you really need to know who you are. Many of us stumble through life without ever really knowing what it is that makes us tick. We have been placed in to categories our entire life. After a while, we start believing these categories define us.

Yes, we all have labels. These labels may define a little portion of who we are, but nothing really encompasses our whole being. Political affiliations or beliefs or job titles or life choices can all be labels, but we are so much more than just one label. We have to stop thinking of ourselves in black and white terms...we are many things rolled in to one package.

Spend some time really learning about you. Strip away all the labels and figure out what really makes you tick. Look deep inside and see what dreams and hopes you have pushed down and locked away. Don't let your true being hide behind labels. You can't be described with simple categories, so don't try. Figure out who you really are and then look for what you should do. Become comfortable with your true self and a world of possibilities will open.  


  1. Quote from Deepak Chopra applies here: "Any name or label you identify with is false--the real you is unbounded and nameless, beyond all labels."

  2. Thank you for the quote. I collect quotes, so this one will be added and fits very well with the post. I agree we are all beyond labels, yet we still use them on a daily basis...