Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

As New England and New York get ready to take the field, millions of people are preparing to watch two teams playing at the top of their game. These are some of the best football players in the world, getting paid to do what they love. There is a little luck involved, but every one of these players have put in tens of thousands of hours of work getting to this point.

Think about your job. Are you willing to put this much work in to what you do for a living? We admire people who have put in the work and who have done amazing things. Instead of just admiring, maybe we should learn from their example. We can learn from their perseverance and their dedication and their work ethic. We all need to find what we love to do; something we love so much we are willing to put in tens of thousands of hours of work perfecting.

If you are watching the Super Bowl today, enjoy the game and think about how much work it took for each of these players to get to the big game. Think a little about what matters to you and what it is that makes you want to put in the work.

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