Friday, April 20, 2012

What's Stopping You

Look around and think about the people you would label as successful and happy. Did this success and happiness fall from the sky and land in their laps? Or, did they work their asses off to obtain their goals and make their dreams a reality?

The vast majority of people who are successful and happy worked tirelessly to get there. Yes, they may have been in the right place at the right time on occasion, but they make their own luck by working hard. Thanks to the stories in our society, we often dream of winning the lottery or getting picked out of a crowd to do something amazing, but the chances of these types of things happening are nearly zero. We need to make our own luck and fight to get what we want.

When things get really difficult, many of us quit. We always think there are many more things for us to do and we move on without really giving it a second thought. The people who really succeed continue going long after the normal person quits. The best of the best continue along their path, no matter what roadblocks or problems are thrown down in front of them. They keep plugging along, learning from the challenges and putting in the work needed to actually achieve their goals and dreams.

What dreams do you have? Not the dreams to win the lottery or any other dream of chance, but actually concrete goals and dreams you want to chase. What's stopping you from going after them? Are they too big? Are they impossible to reach? I would guess neither of these are true. Your goals seem out of reach because they are going to take a lot of work and you aren't sure if you can do it. I honestly believe we can do anything, if we focus and put in the work.

Reaching these types of goals takes dedication and sacrifice. You are going to have to give up other things to reach them. Deep down, you'll know if you want something bad enough, but then you have to decide to put in the work. Goals are only valuable if you really want to reach them. The most important dreams are those you have when you are awake. Are you willing to put in the work to reach them? Are you willing to keep going when others would quit? Well, what's stopping you?

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