Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fresh Eyes

Forget everything you have been taught. Start looking at the world through fresh eyes and start questioning things. If you see something that doesn't make sense, ask why it is like that. If you see something that does make sense, again ask why it is like that.

We are moving forward in a world filled with technology and innovation changing daily. What we learned in school doesn't necessarily apply to the world as it is today. Find people who are doing amazing things and ask, yes ask, these people what makes them tick. Learn from them and incorporate their knowledge (the parts making you giddy or scared) into your life.

Be curious of the world around you. Ask questions. Try out new ideas. Explore passions. Learn something new ever day. Get rid of preconceived notions. There are numerous things we can do differently to reach new levels. If you see this and think I am in a place that makes me happy, help those around you who are questioning. Learn from other people and teach other people. No one knows it all and amazing only happens when we help each other.

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