Saturday, January 14, 2012

You Have Exactly One Life

I first saw this a couple of days ago and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Colin Wright has a great website you should check out if you have the time. While you may think he is crazy or there is no way you could ever do anything of the sort, we have the chance to learn something from everyone. Poke around on his site and see what you think.

We only have one chance at this. Do we want to spend it bitching and moaning about how things are not working the way they should? Do we want to spend it toiling away at jobs bringing us no sense of happiness or fulfillment? Do we want to shy away from what scares us? Do we want to continue to believe that happiness comes from some external source? Or, do we want to go at things full throttle, do the things that are important to us, make our own happiness and live the life we want?


  1. this is great. I want this quote on the wall across from my bed so I read it every morning. and I checked out the site and Other People's Stupid Opinions spoke for me today, said the exact thing I tried to say, only much more eloquently.

  2. I agree. I posted this quote right next to my computer at work. It's a constant reminder to work on things that matter and do the things I need to do.