Saturday, January 7, 2012

Get the Best Work

At work, many people are told they would do a better job if they just did this differently or if they acted a certain way more or if they showed more or less emotion. In some cases, this type of feedback is beneficial and can help people realize they are perceived in a way they didn't know. In other cases, this feedback is telling people they need to conform to something they are not, if they want to be good at their job.

In the second case, what would happen if we placed people into positions based on the reasons they aren't great in their current position? What if we embraced the differences instead of trying to make people conform to a mold based on the set beliefs a certain position should act a certain way? How do these set beliefs change from boss to boss? How do we really know one managerial style or customer service style is better than another? What do we need to do to get the best work from the most people? I think this last question is the most important of them all.  

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