Sunday, January 22, 2012

What if?

When you lay down to go to sleep each night and close your eyes, what do you think about? Do you think about everything you did that day? Do you think about what the next day brings? Do you think about your dreams and what you want to do? Do you think about all the things you haven't done? Do you think about all the things you have done and wish you didn't?

At different times, I have thought about all of the above. I have experienced feelings of happiness, love, accomplishment, guilt, shame and peace as I have laid in bed with eyes closed. I am sure most people have felt the same. Which of these would you prefer to have floating through your head and body as you try to fall asleep?

What would happen if you named your dreams and worked to make them happen? Would you be able to fall asleep knowing you are doing everything you can to chase what it is to make you feel alive? With this knowledge, would you be able to fall asleep happy and at peace?

By following our dreams and doing what calls to us, we won't eliminate all the negative feelings that float around when we are at the most relaxed. These feelings, these moments of doubt, happen to everyone. But, when we are chasing our dreams, we have an easier time ignoring them and pushing them away. It is easier to replace doubt with happiness and peace when we know we are on the right path.

Tonight, as you lay in bed, think about what it is you really want to do. Listen to your heart and see where it wants to take you. What would happen if you started to listen?

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