Friday, January 20, 2012

Live Your Life

I read a lot of blogs. I get some through twitter and some through e-mail and some I just pop on from time to time to read. I am interested in what other people do and what they think and how they are trying to change the world (if they are trying). I am fascinated by people doing things I can't or would have never thought to try. With today's technology, it is easy to get lost in the exploits of others (with stunning photos or videos or narratives) and not do anything yourself.

I read these blogs to learn and find inspiration and to see what makes people tick. All too often, I find myself living vicariously through them instead of doing my own things. There is a very fine line between finding inspiration in others and living vicariously through them, even if you don't personally know them. Many of us who are searching will come to this point at one time or another (I hope) and strive to do something of our own. 

We have the initial drive to create, but keeping this motivation is hard. It's especially hard when we hit snags or roadblocks or we just aren't sure where to go next. Finding motivation when times are tough, when we are uncertain or afraid is the key to doing what we want. This doesn't mean that we should never quit; we just need to know when it is the right time to quit and when it is time to push through the fear and keep moving. No one will ever be able to teach you the difference, but you know. You just have to learn to tell the difference between the resistance and your true self. This sounds easy, but they sound a lot alike. 

I wish I had the perfect roadmap for you, a way to easily tell the difference. The truth is, I don't always know, either. But, I am still learning. This is one of the reasons I read so many blogs...I want to see how they do it, how they can tell the difference. We can learn from everyone around us. We have to keep learning. It's the only way we will grow and develop and chase our dreams. Just don't fall in to the trap of living vicariously through someone else. Live your life.

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