Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Life You Want

We only get one try at this thing called life, so what is holding you back from living the life you want? For many of us, I think it all boils down to being afraid. We are afraid to try something new. We are afraid to go against the grain. We are afraid to take risks. We are afraid to upset the status quo. We are afraid to step into the void, without knowing the outcome. We let this fear hold us back from becoming the person we are supposed to be.

We don't have to settle for less than we want. We don't have to do what we are told to do. We don't have to follow the path laid out in front of us. We don't have to do what is expected of us. We can do what we want and follow our dreams. We can reach for the stars. This isn't the easiest path, otherwise everyone would be following their dreams instead of being trapped in the cubicles they dread. It will be scary, but do we really want to allow fear to hold us back?

There are many stories floating around of people who completely change their lives when they are told they have cancer or any other illness that may kill them. We are all going to die, do we need to be told it is going to be sooner rather than later before we start making this life meaningful for us? Start small, if you want. Do something every day that scares you. Try something new. Most of the time, the things we fear never happen. Even when they do, we find it is hardly ever as bad as we thought. Let go of these fears and start living the life you want to live.

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  1. So true! Hey, I wrote you on FB but never heard...send me your new address (for some reason I have the old one still!), and I'll send you a Christmas card (late) from us! Hope all is well for you and yours...